We are a medium-sized industrial company, which is located in Petersfehn, near to Oldenburg. We are specialized in the sector of manufacturing and installation of movable walls. These are sold as well as national and international in over 20 countries. Currently we employ 90 people. Our production is also located in Petersfehn just as our management. We produce our movable walls individually and precisely.

This creates individual solutions in the highest quality “Made in Germany”.

Abopart offers their customers a variety of high quality movable walls, having a high degree in design and individuality. Our customers have the chance of letting their movable walls build for them according to their wishes.

Whether hotels, concert halls, museums, fair halls or gyms –every building grows in interest when the floor plan can flexible be changed. And also cruisers appear even more interesting with our movable walls because at every place where people meet a movable wall underlines the places attractiveness.


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BRS Gyptile



BRS gyptile is ceiling panel system with advanced technology processed machine made from rigid plasterboard gypsum material. strong and fire resistant and finished with a paint and pattern of quality and beautiful, easy installation and maintenance and does not interfere with health. BRS gyptile is suitable for interior and exterior office building, shop, factory, laboratory, hospital, school, shopping center, mall, plaza government building, and others


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USG Boral


In 2014 Jayaboard® offically managed under the joint venture of USG -- The first ever gypsum company in the world from United States and BORAL -- The largest building material company in Australia, as USG Boral with its tagline Innovation Inspired by You.

USG Boral adopts the new technology to produce plasterboard with the name of USG Boral Jayaboard® Plus SHEETROCK® Brand Technology which contains Sag-Defying-Strength™ fiture. This new fiture makes Jayaboard® plasterboard not only lighter but also has a better anti-sagging performance. With a strong bonding performance, this technology reduce the possibility of damaged plasterboard in the process of handling and application.



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Through building Materials; DAIKEN Progresses with people, space, and the environment. Ever since its founding in 1945, The DAIKEN Group has been offering various types of housing materials and services in line with the changing times and its management philosophy : “To conduct customer-centered business operations based on the theme of Harmony between people, space, and the environment”. Adhering to this philosophy, we will continue to create new “Values for living” centering on our three business sectors of Housing Space. Ecological and Engginering Operations.


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