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BRS Manhole



BRS Manhole adalah Access Panel untuk memudahkan proses maintenance, membuka dan menutup plafon dengan praktis dan rapi. BRS Manhole terdapat 2 jenis yaitu Concealed & Hinges


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PT. Etex Building Performance Indonesia didirikan pada tahun 1971 dan mulai beroperasi di tahun 1973. Dengan keahlian, sistem mutu terpadu dan pengalaman selama lebih dari 40 tahun diindustri bahan bangunan membuat PT. Etex Building Performance Indonesia mampu menawarkan solusi terbaik untuk setiap proyek konstruksi ringan Anda. Brand produk KALSI dirancang untuk plafon didalam dan diluar ruangan, partisi, dinding luar (cladding), fasia, dan lantai. Produk PT. Etex Building Performance Indonesia dibuat dengan memperhatikan kesehatan, daya tahan, dan kualitas. Produk kami dikembangkan dan dikenal karena kestabilan dimensinya, fleksibilitas, serta kemudahan dalam pengaplikasiannya. Produk KALSI diproduksi 100% bebas asbes.


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BRS Tee exposd grid ceiling system merupakan sistem rangka platfon gantung yang umumnya digunakan dalam bidang interior building. Dengan desain yang sederhana, berkualitas tinggi dan pemasangan yang mudah. Sistem rangka yang umumnya digunakan untuk Akustik Panel, Gypsum Panel dan lain lain. Terbuat dari Hot Dipped Galvanized yang kuat. Tahan Karat, tahan api dan masih banyak kelebihan lainnya.


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For more than 80 years, we pioneered suspended metal ceilings. We’ve been hard at work ever since, developing products to meet the demands of innovative architects and designers. We’ve crafted a comprehensive range of Luxalon® Metal Ceilings that excel in design and performance, including Linear, Open Plenum, Planks and Baffles. Each is available in a variety of styles, colors, and finishes, guaranteeing that no matter your vision, we’ve got the look you’re after. Just dream it up. We’ll be ready.

Demand performance from ceilings and walls. Our site-savvy field consultants, BIM experts, and project engineers work on applications of every kind: from stadiums, to airports, to museums and beyond, and will help specify sustainable materials, design versatile integration systems, and create a ceiling topography that gives every space its own personality. When you conceive something unprecedented, we'll help you deliver. From custom metal wall panels to acoustic ceiling systems, we have you covered.



BRS Gyptile



BRS gyptile is ceiling panel system with advanced technology processed machine made from rigid plasterboard gypsum material. strong and fire resistant and finished with a paint and pattern of quality and beautiful, easy installation and maintenance and does not interfere with health. BRS gyptile is suitable for interior and exterior office building, shop, factory, laboratory, hospital, school, shopping center, mall, plaza government building, and others


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USG Boral


In 2014 Jayaboard® offically managed under the joint venture of USG -- The first ever gypsum company in the world from United States and BORAL -- The largest building material company in Australia, as USG Boral with its tagline Innovation Inspired by You.

USG Boral adopts the new technology to produce plasterboard with the name of USG Boral Jayaboard® Plus SHEETROCK® Brand Technology which contains Sag-Defying-Strength™ fiture. This new fiture makes Jayaboard® plasterboard not only lighter but also has a better anti-sagging performance. With a strong bonding performance, this technology reduce the possibility of damaged plasterboard in the process of handling and application.



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Through building Materials; DAIKEN Progresses with people, space, and the environment. Ever since its founding in 1945, The DAIKEN Group has been offering various types of housing materials and services in line with the changing times and its management philosophy : “To conduct customer-centered business operations based on the theme of Harmony between people, space, and the environment”. Adhering to this philosophy, we will continue to create new “Values for living” centering on our three business sectors of Housing Space. Ecological and Engginering Operations.


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