Homogeneous Sheet

Armstrong homogeneus vinyl sheet flooring us the industry standard for aspetic healthcare applications, like operating rooms and surgical suites, as well as other medical environments.

The through-pattern / chip construction throught the entire thickness provides superior gouge, abrasion, and indentation resistance. The tough UV coating protect the floor’s appearance and allow for low maintenance options. For superior infection control, floors should be heat welded and flash coved.

Our chip construction Homogeneus collections are protected by a low maintenance, UV-cured polyurethane coating and complies with REACH ist VOC emission is ≤5 /m3 with FloorScroe certified and eligible to LEED credit as wellas GreenLabel certification.

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A budget choice homogenous vinyl sheet flooring designed for the calm spaces 16 peaceful color, it is 2m wide, 2mm thick, weight 3,300/m2 and anti-static(<2kV). With the protection of DIAMOND 10 coating, the flooring has a strong wear resistance layer (group T) and advised for heavy traffic applications. It is simple to clean and easy to maintain.
Curdlee Trueshield2.0 Coated Homogeneous Sheet.

Our best selling homogeneus vinyl sheet flooring in chips visual with36 spectacular designs and each design is made from 3 base colors plus4 accent colors.

This beautiful collections is 2m wide and 2mm thick and its weight 2,800/m2. It is anti-static(<2kV) and equipped with DIAMOND 10 protective coating, the flooring has a superb wear resistance – group T and highly remommended for very heavy traffic applications according to EN 649. The flooring is easy to clean and maintain.


The soft palette of this homogeneus product works well in medical environments andis designed for sterile and aseptic areas, with teh combination of Medintone’s homogeneus construction and unique Diamond 10 technology, it is the perfect solution for your-high-traffic are where cleanliness, durability, maintenance are the focus.


Inspiring Great Spaces – DIAMOND 10 TECHNOLOGY.
1. Tough as Diamond
2. Easy to Clean
3. More Durable
4. Anti-Chemical

TRUESHIELD is an innovative coating technoloy invented by Amstrong. The flooring equipped with TRUESHIELD coating is hardness for tough environment, resistant to dirt, shoe scuff marks and make routine cleanig easier. The flooring is still as good as nex even high trafffic areas.

Medinpure A Touch of Nature
MedinPure, novel flooring products with multiple color options inspired by the natural scenery and made of enviran-ment-friendly premium PVC-Free material, offering you a pleasant sensory experience in a pure space.